Sana Jardin Discovery Set
Sana Jardin Discovery Set

Sana Jardin

Sana Jardin Discovery Set

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8- 2ml Spray Bottles 
BERBER BLONDE NO.1 Glittering rays of golden sunlight emanate light, love, and happiness.
Notes: Moroccan orange blossom, North African neroli, musk.

TIGER BY HER SIDE NO.2 Seductive, mysterious, connect and unleash your true power and innate wildness.
Notes: Amber, Moroccan rose, Indonesian patchouli, Somalian incense.

SAVAGE JASMINE NO.3 Captured at the moment petals unfurl and unleash their exotic, heady scent into the balmy night air.
Notes: Moroccan jasmine, musk.

SANDALWOOD TEMPLE NO.4 Invoke the cosmic, sacred and sensual.
Notes: East Indian Sandalwood, Madagascan vanilla, cedarwood, Haitian vetiver, Moroccan neroli.

CELESTIAL PATCHOULI NO.5 Intense, rich and gathers global explorers attracted to the mystical elements of the cosmos.
Notes: Patchouli, leather, Australian Sandalwood, Moroccan orris, rose, jasmine, osmanthus and cinnamon bark.

NUBIAN MUSK NO.6 Intoxicating raw scent of skin amplified in the heat of passion, limbs intertwined.
Notes: Musk, Vanilla, Australian sandalwood, jasmine, rose and Moroccan grapefruit flower.

REVOLUTION DE LA FLEUR NO.7 Tropical and exotic for the feminine muse with a sensuous presence and a flower in her sun kissed hair.
Notes: Madagascan ylang ylang, Moroccan jasmine, frangipani, rose, vanilla and sandalwood.

JAIPUR CHANT NO.8 Indian tuberose, the goddess of flowers, blooms in the still of night.
Notes: Indian Tuberose, Moroccan Jasmine, French Narcisse, Italian Lemon.

All fragrances are free from phthalates, artificial colorants, parabens and formaldehydes.